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  • Git repo wedged. How do I get it fixed?, John Ralls
  • Bug 696632 - dead circumflex is not printed as ^, Ritesh Khadgaray
  • New baseline branch, review wanted, Alexander Larsson
  • GTK+ 3.8.0 released, Matthias Clasen
  • GTK+ 2.XX sources, John Emmas
  • ATK test is failing, John Emmas
  • A GTK+ hackfest, Matthias Clasen
  • Re: out of date langage bindings page for D binding, Mathieu Dupuy
  • GTK+ has been branched, Matthias Clasen
  • 无法接收您的邮件/Refused to receive your e-mail, postmaster
  • Re: Asking a favor to review a patch, Martin Schlemmer
  • Re: Problems with un-owned objects passed to closures in pygobject (gtk_cell_renderer_text_start_editing), Martin Schlemmer
  • Re: Notebook tab not correctly drawn if tab pos = BOTTOM (gtk 3.5.4, win32), Martin Schlemmer
  • Re: [PATCH gtk+] wayland: Remove unneeded semicolons., Scott Moreau
  • Windows port of PyGObject Introspection/GSoC, Bernhard Reiter
  • Baseline alignment WIP, Alexander Larsson
  • [GObject-Introspection] Doubt about GIR files generation, Alejandro T. Colombini
  • glib/gatomic.c, John Emmas
  • [RC] GTK+ 3.4.2/3.6.4 Bundle (Win32), tarnyko
  • Glade 3.15.0 Released!, Juan Pablo Ugarte
  • Re: supporting all X (not only gtk+) applications in browser, Clemens Eisserer
  • Test Modules, John Emmas
  • customizing looks using CSS providers, D.H. Bahr
  • Is GTK+ a cross-platform toolkit ? (fwd), tarnyko
  • Is GTK+ a cross-platform toolkit ?, tarnyko
  • gtk-quartz status, Allin Cottrell
  • GtkOverlay - Move To, Pierre-Yves Luyten

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