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  • Multibyte improvement - g_unichar_to_utf8(), Yukihiro Nakai
  • Compile Problems w/Gnumeric 0.61, Jeff Stephens
  • Compiling Gnumeric 0.61, Jeffrey Stephens
  • Re: Installation problems ( somewhat related ), Diego Sueiro
  • library for reading xls files, Steve Bourg
  • Named expressions change after entering them., Jacob Burckhardt
  • Printing on odd paper sizes, Brad Appel
  • Formatting Numbers in Hex, Behnam Tabatabai
  • Doc patch., Phillip J Shelton
  • Bug in round function, Pere Pujal Carabantes
  • Gnumeric : 0.61, Jody Goldberg
  • Dates, Phillip J Shelton
  • locals, Phillip J Shelton
  • Re: about translations, printing graphics and euro symbol, Jody Goldberg
  • Re: Q: a way to enable save/over?, Michael Meeks
  • Re: Financial library, Phillip J Shelton
  • Re: Degrees of Freedom in One-Way Anova by Rows, Phillip J Shelton
  • What's the story with python?, Malcolm Gray
  • Can't select A1 cell by mouse on gnumeric 0.60, Etsushi Kato
  • Format of numeric data as text fails in Gnumeric 0.58., Charles Sullivan
  • Installation problems, Mark Kuchel
  • Inputting an IF statement - syntax error, Mark Kuchel
  • Gnumeric 0.60, Jody Goldberg
  • Compile on HP-UX? or Signal 11 on mstyle.c?, Brad Appel
  • after an error, I can't edit, Jacob Burckhardt
  • crash when closing "New Unshared", Jacob Burckhardt
  • SYLK format description..?, Sandvold, Dan
  • Tire kick #2: docs don't build cleanly, Zach Frey
  • GNUMERIC : Another release is planned, Jody Goldberg

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