Re: [Evolution] Reply for list messages should go back to the list

On Fri, 2010-07-16 at 11:09 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
 Remember, the existing reply-to-list operation *already* falls back
to replying to all if it can't find a List-Post: header.

No it doesn't. 

The operation *does*. You're getting confused by the fact that the
current menu items get disabled when you're not looking at a list

But actually, some lists don't have a List-Post: header. If there are
*any* List-* headers, you'll see the list operations get enabled, and
then you'll see quite clearly that the reply-to-list operation falls
back to replying to all. Even without having to look at the source or
take my word for it.

I'm not entirely convinced that this is indeed the case.  I've just
crafted some messages and as far as I can see only if there is a
List-Post: header is the Reply-to-list active in any way 

The Reply-to-list option (and other list submenu) should be active if
any of these match (see camel/camel-mime-utils.c):

        { "List-Post", "[ \t]*<mailto:([^@>]+)@?([^ \n\t\r>]*)" },
        { "List-Id", "[^<]*<([^\\.>]+)\\.?([^ \n\t\r>]*)" },
        { "Mailing-List", "[ \t]*list ([^ ]+)@?([^ \n\t\r>;]*)" },
        { "Originator", "[ \t]*([^ ]+)@?([^ \n\t\r>]*)" },
        { "X-Mailing-List", "[ \t]*<?([^@>]+)@?([^ \n\t\r>]*)" },
        { "X-Loop", "[ \t]*([^ ]+)@?([^ \n\t\r>]*)" },
        { "X-List", "[ \t]*([^ ]+)@?([^ \n\t\r>]*)" },
        { "Sender", "[ \t]*owner-([^ ]+)@?([^ @\n\t\r>]*)" },
        { "Sender", "[ \t]*([^ ]+)-owner ?([^ @\n\t\r>]*)" },
        { "Delivered-To", "[ \t]*mailing list ([^ ]+)@?([^ \n\t\r>]*)" },
        { "Return-Path", "[ \t]*<?owner-([^@>]+)@?([^ \n\t\r>]*)" },
        { "X-BeenThere", "[ \t]*([^ ]+)@?([^ \n\t\r>]*)" },
        { "List-Unsubscribe", "<mailto:(.+)-unsubscribe@([^ \n\t\r>]*)" },

Just to double-check, I sent myself two copies of your latest message,
both with and without the List-Post: header:

dwmw2 ~/Maildir/.lists.evo/cur $ cat, | sed -e '/^List-Post: 
/d'  -e 's/^Subject: .*/Subject: test with no LP/' | /usr/lib/sendmail dwmw2 infradead org
dwmw2 ~/Maildir/.lists.evo/cur $ cat, | sed -e 's/^Subject: 
.*/Subject: test with LP/' | /usr/lib/sendmail dwmw2 infradead org

When I view them both in my INBOX, the 'Reply to list' option is enabled
for both of them. For one it goes to the list, for the other it doesn't
find the List-Post: header and thus falls back to replying to all.

I'd send you the same messages to test, but ISTR your mail software is
broken and would silently delete both of them because it thinks it's
already seen them?

(I say "broken" because of all the fun I can have with it. I can send
messages to the list that I know your system will delete without you
seeing them -- and I when I am directly Cc'd on messages which were also
sent to the list, I can quickly send you a different message with the
same Message-Id:, thus ensuring that you never receive the real list
message :)

And I was asking if there are circumstances in which that button would
not suffice for you. That is:

   When would you want a 'Group Reply' button *not* to use a
   List-Post: header if it is present?

The only time I use Reply-to-all on list messages rather than
Reply-to-list is when there are multiple lists involved - obviously any
particular message only has one List-Post: header, so in order to send a
message to multiple lists I need to use Reply-all.  I also make sure I
edit out any superfluous CC: entries.

That's what I was looking for; thanks. Do you do this often enough that
you really want a third toolbar button, and the existing drop-down
choice on the 'Group Reply' button isn't sufficient?

Much as I hate to suggest yet another reply option -- do we want a
'Reply to List-Post: and Cc: headers; not From:'?

If you're not aware of the new 'Group Reply' button, it's shown and
described at the bottom of


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