Re: [Evolution] Reply for list messages should go back to the list

On Wed, 2010-07-14 at 14:27 -0400, Paul Smith wrote:


What I'd really like to see is a "reply publicly" operation, which is
the standard one that is used by default (the standard key binding and
the standard button), which by default "does the right thing" to create
a public reply to the message, as best as can be discovered and
interpreted by Evo based on RFC's, best practices, etc.  This "right
thing" would change based on the message being read (e.g., based on
List-Post headers).

I wholeheartedly agree with this suggestion! It's basically the same I
had in mind when I suggested the "magic reply" option.

I have seen a lot of emphasis on the knowledgeable user who want power
to reply exactly the way they want - I can understand! But for the
majority, you just want to hit reply and have evolution do The Right

I consider myself quite able to understand the different ways of
replying to e-mail, and yet I find myself often having to manually edit
the headers of a half-composed email, or discarding it and starting
anew, because I forgot to reply the right way. And 99.999% of the time
the "right way" described above fits my needs perfectly and the
remaining .001% of the time I would be vary conscious of selecting the
right option to reply.

It's like my digital camera. I understand the need to be able to set the
right exposure, focus distance, etc., but most of the time I simply want
to set it to "Auto" and not bother with the details.

I'm also happy if there are alternatives for specific situations.
Someone mentioned having a drop-down list off the reply to all button,
like we do for forward, and actually I think that might be a good
solution.  By default have the "reply publicly" button do the heuristic
"reply to everyone" (I guess this would be more-or-less equivalent to
the Ctrl-L operation above), then have some drop-down menu options for

Again, I agree. I don't want to take away the power to select exactly
how to reply in specific instances.

A preference that lets you select your preferred default "reply
publicly" operation would be nice as well (I think we have something
like that for forward).  The values could be "Best effort" (default),
"All recipients", etc.

That might actually be complicating things a bit too much, though. But
if it was implemented, it could be that one option was to make it reply
_privately_. (In that case it's name couldn't be "Reply Publicly",

If done, the pop-up (mentioned before) when replying to a list, could in
fact be a pop-up asking you how you want to reply, and an option to set
that as the default way to reply.


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