Re: [Evolution] Reply for list messages should go back to the list

 Remember, the existing reply-to-list operation *already* falls back
to replying to all if it can't find a List-Post: header.

No it doesn't. 

The operation *does*. You're getting confused by the fact that the
current menu items get disabled when you're not looking at a list

But actually, some lists don't have a List-Post: header. If there are
*any* List-* headers, you'll see the list operations get enabled, and
then you'll see quite clearly that the reply-to-list operation falls
back to replying to all. Even without having to look at the source or
take my word for it.

I'm not entirely convinced that this is indeed the case.  I've just
crafted some messages and as far as I can see only if there is a
List-Post: header is the Reply-to-list active in any way - it certainly
isn't active if there is a List-Help: header only.  I even just
installed F13 into a virtual machine to check that it isn't a relative
new feature.

And I was asking if there are circumstances in which that button would
not suffice for you. That is:

   When would you want a 'Group Reply' button *not* to use a
   List-Post: header if it is present?

The only time I use Reply-to-all on list messages rather than
Reply-to-list is when there are multiple lists involved - obviously any
particular message only has one List-Post: header, so in order to send a
message to multiple lists I need to use Reply-all.  I also make sure I
edit out any superfluous CC: entries.


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