Re: [Evolution] Reply for list messages should go back to the list

And it's *already* simple for the user to choose if they're using the
keyboard shortcuts or the menu; it's only the toolbar that really needs
attention, as you say.

Fine.  So what's the point of all this discussion then?  Just change the

And despite the fact that I personally think the toolbar is just perfect
-- it doesn't show this silly Reply-to-List option at all, because
nobody should be doing that -- I still went out of my way to implement
an option that lets you turn the 'Reply to All' button into a 'Reply in
Public' button which replies to the list by preference, purely for the
benefit of those who disagree with me.

But Reply-to-All is useful, I don't want it to become a Reply-in-Public.
And the term Public is horrible - many of the lists I am on are private
lists, the reply is most definitely not public and it will just confuse

I don't see anyone *else* putting real code forward; let alone code
which enables a behaviour which they find suboptimal.

Well, this list is for users, not coders.  If people wanted to get into
the coding of Evo they would be on the evolution-hackers list.  I
wouldn't be at all surprised if only one or two people have even looked
at the Evo source code.  I know I haven't.  Nevertheless, you may have
missed that I have hacked on one of the XML files and posted the diff


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