Re: [Evolution] Reply for list messages should go back to the list

Also I need a reply all for list messages when I get a CC: copy without
the list headers in the message.

When you get a Cc copy without the list headers in the message, that
*isn't* a list message in any meaningful sense of the term -- it's a
direct message.

Yes, I understand that - that's why your messages that come directly to
me via the CC: are so frustrating - they aren't list messages and are
treated differently both by my MTA and MUA.

I don't have a particular objection to "Group Reply" - although within
the context of a "Groupware" solution, the term "Group" may have a
specific meaning and may cause confusion.

Part of the problem is that I have feeling you see Reply-all and
Reply-list to be quite similar, whereas I see them as conceptually
separate operations - consequently I have problems thinking of a term
that satisfactorily covers both.  This is probably also why I see there
to be a need for both buttons, and you don't. 

I do see them a bit like that, yes. But mostly I don't see the need for
reply-to-list at all -- as discussed elsewhere I think it's a
fundamentally broken thing to do. So I'm trying to understand the point
of view of those that *do* want it.

The concept is that when I'm dealing with mailing lists, I think,
fundamentally, that all messages should go to the list since that is
where the discussion is happening.  The reply-to-list does just that,
without introducing extraneous messages to different addresses.

My understanding *was* that those people who wanted reply-to-list would
want to use it for *all* lists.


 Remember, the existing reply-to-list
operation *already* falls back to replying to all if it can't find a
List-Post: header.

No it doesn't.  If the message doesn't have list headers then Ctrl-L
doesn't do anything, the menu item is greyed out and any button I add is
also greyed out.  For instance, reply-to-list does not work on the
messages that I get from you because they are CC:'d and don't come via
the list.

You described above a couple of cases where you'd not want to reply to
the List-Post: addresss... but both of those were cases that wouldn't
have a List-Post: header in the first place, so if you'd set the option
for 'Group Reply button does reply-to-list' then you'd have been fine.

Well one of the situations I described are those that don't involve
mailing lists at all - i.e. normal personal messages.  The other is
where I get a message from a mailing list discussion, but not via the
list (which I, as you probably gather, think is broken behaviour).

The bottom line is that all I would like to see is the action of
"Reply-to-List" being given a much more prominent position in the UI - a
position alongside "Reply-to-All".


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