[Evolution] Evolution losts mail accounts :-(


during the work evolution send the hint, I should entry my passwords for my 
mail accounts. I was wondering, cause all the datas are stored.

I closed evolution.

After restarting, evolution want to create new account like the first startup 
of evolution.

I have nothing changed on my server.

Only if I start evolution with the option --disable-eplugin evolution starts 
without the firsttime configurating the mails, but my accounts are lost.
In the shell appears the message:
evolution-shell-Message: Killing old version of evolution-data-server...

I have also a backup of the file /.gconf/apps/evolution/mail/%gconf.xml, cause 
the original in my home directory is empty. 
But if I overwrite the file, evolution ignore this file and delete them again 
after startup (also if is chown root.root/chmod 700 them....)

What has happend with evolution? How can I get back my datas to evolution?

OS: Debian Lenny/Gnome
Evolution Version:

Thanks for help


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