Re: [Evolution] Reply for list messages should go back to the list

On Thu, 2010-07-15 at 13:24 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:

And it's *already* simple for the user to choose if they're using the
keyboard shortcuts or the menu; it's only the toolbar that really needs
attention, as you say.

Fine.  So what's the point of all this discussion then?  Just change the

Because people are still proposing more complicated things (and things
which don't have a clear distinction between *private* and *public*
replies and which are more likely to lead to confusion IMHO).

And I'm trying *not* to just ignore people who are proposing things that
seem not to make much sense to me; I'm trying to work out what they
really need. For example...

And despite the fact that I personally think the toolbar is just perfect
-- it doesn't show this silly Reply-to-List option at all, because
nobody should be doing that -- I still went out of my way to implement
an option that lets you turn the 'Reply to All' button into a 'Reply in
Public' button which replies to the list by preference, purely for the
benefit of those who disagree with me.

But Reply-to-All is useful, I don't want it to become a Reply-in-Public.
And the term Public is horrible - many of the lists I am on are private
lists, the reply is most definitely not public and it will just confuse

Remember, we're *only* talking about the toolbar button. You'll always
have the option of hitting Ctrl-Shift-R or using 'Reply to All' from the

So are you *really* saying that you need *both* 'all' and 'list' reply
buttons to be in the toolbar, because even thought your normal
preference it to reply-to-list on list messages, you might *sometimes*
want to reply-to-all on a list message instead? And you really can't use
the menu or the keyboard for that rare occasion?

I agree that 'Reply in Public' isn't a brilliant name for a button which
tries to reply to the list, and falls back to replying to all. Do you
have a better suggestion? Given that:
 - we can't make it change according to the message we're looking at.
 - 'Reply to List' would be wrong sometimes.
 - 'Reply to All' would be wrong sometimes.
 - 'Reply to List or All' is clumsy too.

Perhaps 'Group Reply'?


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