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  • [xml] help with xmlTextReaderRead (with DTD validation), Denis Bourgeois
  • [xml] enabling zlib support in Stephane Bidoul's Python binding? (win32), Meunier, Jean-Luc
  • [xml] How can I use xmlMemFree() instead of free() ?, ChoiJason
  • [xml] Can I ask one question about libxml2?, ChoiJason
  • [xml] Segfault because of unresolved pthread functions, Rachael Churchill
  • [xml] regarding xml validation and parsing using SAX, Umamaheswara Rao
  • [xml] No Newlines at the end of a node, Patrick Steiner
  • [xml] Missing namespace prefix after xmlReconciliateNs, Landl, Martin
  • [xml] Bug in Windows makefile?, Rachael Churchill
  • [xml] reuse (aka "dict"), Eli Marmor
  • [xml] Adding parsed 8859-1 content to a UTF-8 document ..., denverrox denver
  • [xml] Problems with schema validation, Robert Schweikert
  • [xml] Get sub-document from xmlDocPtr, Andrew Hartley
  • [xml] Simple Element+Attribute Lookup with XPath - performance ?, Martin Trappel
  • [xml] Why HTML numeric entity reference — is parsed into 2 byte hex sequence c2 97?, Yuri
  • [xml] Schema import namespace, dnorrell
  • [xml] Parsing from a compressed string, Stefan Behnel
  • [xml] Possible XML Schema bug when restricting a complexType list, Volker Grabsch
  • [xml] Function xmlOutputBufferWriteEscape seems to slow down on big xml, Alexandre Macard
  • [xml] Signing XML PLEASE HELP, AndrewHartley
  • [xml] XML Formatting, Alistair Leslie-Hughes
  • [xml] Building libxml2 on solaris, Rachael Churchill
  • [xml] New libxml which is reentrant ?, Roland Mainz
  • [xml] libxml2 cross-compiled to Win32 on Fedora, Richard W.M. Jones
  • [xml] xmlDocPtr save to file, AndrewHartley
  • Re: [xml] FW: LibXml2-2.6-32 : Canonical XML implementation test program, Aleksey Sanin
  • [xml] Line Numbers limited to 65535, Ralf Junker
  • [xml] xmlGetLineNo() always returns 0 for XML_TEXT_NODE, Ralf Junker
  • [xml] Help required : xmlC14NDocDumpMemory, AndrewHartley
  • [xml] can't find libxml/xmlmemory.h and libxml/parser.h files, Ravi Ryali
  • [xml] Help required, trying to EXEC_C14N sub-document, AndrewHartley
  • [xml] Forcing the xml:base attribute for included files in the same directory, Catherine Proulx
  • [xml] Query Regarding Buffer allocation scheme in Libxml, Ashwin
  • Re: [xml] Regarding xmlTextReaderNext Api: PATCH, Ashwin

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