[xml] Bug in Windows makefile?

The help for configure.js says that "include" and "lib" specify where to find the include files and lib files needed to build libxml2, and "incdir" and "libdir" specify where the build process should put the include files and lib files it has created. The code in configure.js is consistent with this, and so is the generated file config.msvc, which assigns the input dirs to INCLUDE and LIB, and the output dirs to INCPREFIX and LIBPREFIX.

However, I think there's a bug in the makefiles which include config.msvc. They say
(Makefile.msvc line 47)
(line 66).
I think INCPREFIX and LIBPREFIX here should be INCLUDE and LIB, because they're supposed to be the input directories, the directories where te build process can find the headers and libs it needs.

(INCPREFIX and LIBPREFIX are used correctly later, in the install-libs target; the built libs and headers are copied into them.)

Also: I would like to register a vote for allowing spaces in path names (in accordance with win32/README.TXT section 1.2 last paragraph). The default Visual Studio installation directories (where all the necessary libs and headers are) contain spaces. They could be put somewhere else, but it would be better not to have to.


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