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  • [Vala] [Genie] dict with int keys segfaults, Stefano Debenedetti
  • [Vala] Ternary operator and nullable values in return statements, Dru Moore
  • [Vala] vapi for the Bullet Physics Engine, Chris Van Vranken
  • [Vala] DBus and Zeitgeist namespaces, aug dawg
  • [Vala] [Announce] Vala bindings for the Brick engine, Steve Havelka
  • [Vala] BUFSIZ, Ervin
  • [Vala] Microsoft patents & Vala, Aleksander Wabik
  • [Vala] vala regex question., san hoi
  • [Vala] Combining async methods with external processes, James Moschou
  • [Vala] Vala thinks uint32 constant is int64, Jaroslav Smid
  • [Vala] gksu vapi, pancake
  • [Vala] Adding Blitzen on the Vala page, Samuel CUELLA
  • [Vala] VAPI upgrade request, Michel Alexandre Salim
  • [Vala] Versioned vala, and vapi directory locations, Michel Alexandre Salim
  • [Vala] gobject-introspect vs gir, Anatol Pomozov
  • [Vala] Fwd: Define constant at compile time, pancake
  • [Vala] Define constant at compile time, Andrea Corbellini
  • [Vala] Problem with closure values reference count, Moritz Bitsch
  • [Vala] Thread syntax changed?, christer nissen gmail com
  • [Vala] Regression?, pancake
  • [Vala] Ideas for vala compiler optimizations, pancake
  • [Vala] Blitzen: A Vala Application Server, Samuel CUELLA
  • [Vala] Problem building vapigen, Nicolas
  • [Vala] Pseudo Terminal support in Vala, Ervin
  • [Vala] gtkaml 0.4.1 released, Vlad Grecescu
  • [Vala] [ANNOUNCE] Vala 0.11.2 - Compiler for the GObject type system, Jürg Billeter
  • [Vala] automake 1.11.1: unable to build vala project out-of-tree, Andrey Borzenkov
  • [Vala] gtkaml 0.4.0 released with Gtkon syntax, Vlad Grecescu
  • [Vala] Chunking a file in multiple chunks, Guillaume Viguier
  • Re: [Vala] Vala Using Gnu Build Tools, Andrea Del Signore
  • [Vala] Gst.TypeFindFactory cast fails, Robert Powell
  • [Vala] Do you think that re-use "web-based library" in client side framework?, san hoi
  • Re: [Vala] valadoc for 0.12, Vlad Grecescu
  • Re: [Vala] vala-gen-introspect does not add my struct to *.gi file, Anatol Pomozov
  • [Vala] Problem converting c to vala/genie, Nicolas

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