[Vala] Blitzen: A Vala Application Server

 Hi Everyone,

I'm currently writing an application server in C/GObject with a Vala binding.
It's component-oriented and loosely modeled on GTK+

It's currently still in alpha version (the last version is 0.0.8) but already works and can run basic websites. It already have the complete standard HTML widgets implemented, as well as an XML pages construction mechanism (inspired on GtkBuilder).

The project homepage is http://www.blitzen.org/ (hosted on sourceforge) and you can find some sample code at http://blitzen.sourceforge.net/new/index.php?pages/sample-code

Would you consider adding it in the "Projects Developed in Vala" list on the documentation page ? The core is not really developed in Vala itself, but as web applications can be written in Vala, I think it can fit in the list.


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