Re: [Vala] Vala Using Gnu Build Tools

On Thu, 2010-10-28 at 16:06 +0300, Çağlar wrote:
Here we go ...

As promised here the response...

It's the same structure under /usr/share/vtg/template
There is an ini file and image  file under the same root folder. But
it doesn't matter.

Yes, but they should be there anyway, for now I copied some ini / png
from vala gen project.

You can check the link for more info about
how 2 create a template for vata toys for gedit.

I'm the author of vala toys and the actual mantainer of gen-project ;)

These the results of my tests:

1) besides the two missing files (ini / png) that you were already aware
the template works well here

2) I also made another simple template with libsoup dependency and here
all went fine and works very well.

I attached the two tar files for you to take a look, to use with
vala-gen-project just untar them in your
~/.local/share/gen-project/templates folder 


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