Re: [Vala] Do you think that re-use "web-based library" in client side framework?

                         في ث، 02-11-2010 عند 21:48 +0900 ، كتب san hoi:
I try to use python library in genie, (I choose simply process kick aproach...)
and so I face two problem.
Unless I misunderstood what you mean, this is actually impossible.

1. equivarent code in genie that os.poppen("python")
You can use one of GLib.Process.spawn_* methods [1] depending on what
you actually need in return. You can also use the popen function from
posix (pass --pkg posix to valac) which may be more like the python one.

2. definition style infomation in genie (from pygments.styles.colorful
import ColorfulStyle part)

I'd like to port following code to genie.
While gtk is a C library and can be used normally with Genie, pygment is
AFAIK a python library, and cannot be used from Genie. Python and Genie
are different languages, they just have a similar syntax.



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