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  • today's evolution userdocs update., Andre Klapper
  • gnome-keyring branched for GNOME 2.22, Stef
  • Gtk2-Perl 2.22.3, Torsten Schoenfeld
  • Re: Removing libgnomeprint* from the desktop set, Andre Klapper
  • GNOME 2.22.3 stable release, Release Team
  • Requesting Freeze break for stable branch - GNOME 2.22 - bug 273627, Chenthill
  • External Deps for GNOME 2.24 - shared-mime-info from 0.22 to 0.40, Luca Ferretti
  • GNOME 2.22.3 stable tarballs due, Release Team
  • Re: Proposed external dep: PolicyKit, Frederic Crozat
  • Re: [External Deps] update dbus-glib to 0.75, Frederic Crozat
  • GDM status., Andre Klapper
  • gnome-terminal, Christian Persch
  • GNOME Goals and applications/libraries, Jody Goldberg
  • GNOME Showstopper Review, Andre Klapper
  • 2.23.4 tarballs, Vincent Untz
  • MAPI branch status?, Andre Klapper
  • GNOME 2.23.4 unstable release, Release Team
  • GNOME 2.23.4 unstable tarballs due, Release Team
  • Re: Using sqlite in Evolution/EDS, Vincent Untz
  • Request for update external dependency, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Germ=E1n_P=F3o-Caama=F1o?=
  • Modelos de Cartas Comerciais - Resposta positiva a convite, P.G.
  • missing SVN tag on 2.22.3 release, Frederic Crozat
  • gnome-terminal, Christian Persch
  • Face-to-face meeting at GUADEC, Vincent Untz
  • intltool situation, Christian Persch
  • libgnomeui branched for 2.22, Christian Persch
  • WebKit external dependency update, Alp Toker
  • GNOME 2.23.3 unstable release, Release Team

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