Re: WebKit external dependency update

Vincent Untz wrote:
Well, we're a bit too short in time for 2.23.3. Btw, is there a recent
tarball of all this WebKit/GTK+ work?


We (the WebKit/GTK+ team at have managed to get WebKit 1.0.1 for GTK+ out of the door in time for 2.23.4. This is the first release in our development series and features some 800 bug fixes/1200 commits by the GTK+/Cairo team. Stabilisation work took around two weeks, which we're aiming to shorten for future developer snapshots.


We'll be following the 2.23 development cycle from now on.

I'm a bit short on time to provide full release notes, but there are a few things to be aware of with this release:

* This is a developer snapshot which has only had a brief period of stabilisation.

* This release features a stable, documented and versioned additions-only public API for all entry points, signals and properties, while class vtables should be considered sealed and are subject to change.

* make dist is broken, so autotools has to be present to build this tarball.

* The 1.0.1 branch features newly-released enhancements to WebKit's AT-SPI accessibility layer as well as a rendering optimisation not yet available in TOT. It should be adopted immediately by any distributions still shipping older, unversioned SVN snapshots.

There are some 28 WebKit-based GTK+ applications <> now which suggests our goal of consolidating HTML widgets is on track for completion by 2.24. Meanwhile, development continues in trunk to better support our existing users and to target new use-cases. We'll be focusing on loader and editor API, Cairo graphics enhancements and full DOM access over the next few weeks.


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