Re: MAPI branch status?

On Mon, 2008-06-16 at 12:45 +0200, Andre Klapper wrote:
> Hi Evolution team,
> can somebody please update me/us about the current state and plans for
> the Evolution MAPI branch? 

Andre,  the development is on track and we are moving inline with the
libmapi-0.7. Some things are pending/in-progress are
 (*) mime parsing
 (*) free busy lookup
 (*) Delta fetching for addressbook. 

So the provider as a whole is sort of ready to use, but lots of minute
things like these are really taking time, also due to tight schedule of
libmapi also we had to post pone/wait till they get available.

> Haven't seen a lot about this in the last
> weeks and would be interested to know about potential problems and
> whether we can except this to be included in GNOME 2.24 (customer
> expectations; GNOME release notes; <blah>).

As of now, we know Evolution needs to move to a GPL V3 compatible
license and we had made a proposal to the legal team, and it seems to
take lot of time due to the effects it can cause. Lots of things like
copyrights, etc are being analysed and it is approaching the end point,
but not yet there :( 

I'm not very hopeful for GNOME 2.24, which is just a month or so away
from freezes.


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