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  • Backing up Connectitons, Greg Oliver
  • Periodic connectivity checks per interface, Viguera, Javier
  • [PATCH] configure: look for pre-generated docs in srcdir, Mike Gilbert
  • Device state "unavailable", Mark Kettner
  • Persistent promiscuous mode with NetworkManager?, Deamen TANG
  • ModemManager mmcli, Phil Daum
  • Network Manager 1.0.X Wi-Fi Autoconnect Issues, Matthew Starr
  • ModemManager (qmi_wann / qcserial) and gpsd, Phil Daum
  • networkmanager-openconnect automatic form submission gets me locked out of my VPN account because of too many login attempts with an incorrect password, Alex Henrie
  • [PATCH] Use default active interface, even if it is of unsupported class, Nikolay Martynov
  • [PATCH] Do not skip wifi slave connections, Nikolay Martynov
  • Something (dns/routing) missing for GSM modem when needing 'managed' flag?, Colin Helliwell
  • Pointers for configuring vpn please, colin.helliwell
  • Re: nmcli connection add type gsm with PAP|CHAP ?, Kajio, Yoshinori
  • DHCP lease renewing but not being assigned to device, John Adam Cutchin
  • NM periodically thinks ethernet network is unreachable, Leonard Lausen
  • MAC address randomization prevents connecting to some wifi AP, Julien Cubizolles
  • Is anyone working on adding a NAT64 module to Network Manager?, John Ioannidis
  • Re: Modem Manager stuck in a loop, ppp can't connect., Dan Williams
  • help needed to use a Sierra Wireless MC7354 3G modem with a Raspberry Pi3 running Angstrom v2016.12 - Kernel 4.4.35, Phil Daum
  • Running NM without systemd, colin.helliwell

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