Re: help needed to use a Sierra Wireless MC7354 3G modem with a Raspberry Pi3 running Angstrom v2016.12 - Kernel 4.4.35

On Fri, 2017-05-05 at 10:14 +0200, Aleksander Morgado wrote:
Hey Phil,

I think the problem lies with NetworkManager:

root@raspberrypi3:/# nmcli con show

NAME                UUID                                  TYPE

Wired connection 1  bdc6b7b3-1e60-453c-bfca-11ce7519826d  802-3-

cellular            bd4fbd79-329c-4af2-a68d-
a330df553abd  gsm             --


cellular was created with:

nmcli connection add type gsm con-name cellular ifname wwan0 apn

But my wwan0 interface shows “unmanaged” and I cannot bring it up:

This is wrong; you shouldn't create a connection bound to ifname
wwan0. The "interface-name" connection property expected by
NetworkManager would be the control port of the modem as specified by
ModemManager. The data port, which is what you specified, is
transient, and is actually a decision of ModemManager which port to
use (your MC7354 may actually be configured with a pair of QMI+WWAN
interfaces instead of just one, and MM would tell you which one to

I believe you can actually just ignore the "interface-name" and leave
it blank, creating a "gsm connection setting that may be used with
modem"; e.g.:

$ nmcli connection add type "gsm" con-name "cellular" apn
"" ifname ""

Right.  If you want to lock to a specific modem or specific SIM, we
recommend using the "gsm.device-id" and "gsm.sim-id" properties
instead.  These come directly from ModemManager's "mmcli -m X" (device
id) and "mmcli -i X" (IMSI) outputs.


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