Re: Pointers for configuring vpn please

On Wed, 2017-05-10 at 14:57 +0100, colin helliwell ln-systems com
I'd like to get NM VPN connections going on my platform. 
We have a VPN for dial-in from home, so I'll just test out with that
begin with. We use a Draytek vpn client on Windows, which is
configured for
PPTP with the necessary username and password.
I've built/installed the NetworkManager-pptp plugin, but could I get
tips please on how to manually (editing/nmcli - no gui) configure a
connection?  (The errors from what I've tried so far aren't too
- reason="Could not find source connection.")
Not too concerned about the securest/cleanest way to configure the
connection settings - just want to verify that I've got all the
components installed.


There is no documentation. Look at the source:

It seems easiest to use nm-connection-editor (with the GUI plugin of
NetworkManager-pptp) on another host, and look at the created
connection in /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections

You can copy the keyfile over to your headless system (beware that the
file must be owned by root, and `chmod 600`; followed by `nmcli
connection reload`).

Alternatively, once you *know* which properties you want to set, you
can set them via
  nmcli connection modify "$NAME" 'property1=value1'


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