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  • using TreeView::set_cursor in a function connected to CellRendererText::signal_edited, Jonas Platte
  • Many deprecated functions in gtk+, gtkmm does not build with --enable-warnings=fatal, Kjell Ahlstedt
  • Properties, PropertyProxies and signals in glibmm, Виталий Кирсанов
  • Suppressing warning C4290 (when building with MSVC), John Emmas
  • Doc formatting problems?, Phil Wolff
  • Source files missing from tarball 2.36.2, John Emmas
  • Module Definition file (MSVC build), John Emmas
  • Re: C++11 move constructors, Murray Cumming
  • how to wrap contents of a column having size width of contents greater than the column size, niwedita burnwal
  • Adjustment... not so adjusted for the initial value..., Glus Xof
  • [Gtk::TreeModel]How to extends Gtk::TreeModel::Row, Maggio Mago
  • What does the file extension ".hg" mean?, John Emmas
  • Developing custom widget without scrolled window, niwedita burnwal
  • GLib-GIO-CRITICAL **: This application can not open files., Glus Xof
  • Highlighting rows, Glus Xof
  • Broken link in FAQ, Nicholas Bishop
  • Getting model values without columns object..., Glus Xof
  • [Glib::OptionGroup] How to add_entry() for custom data, Maggio Mago
  • getting the number of virtual desktops, and changing virtual desktops, Francis (Grizzly) Smit
  • Is there a terminal emulator widget in Gtkmm or compatible at least what happened to Vte::Terminal, Francis (Grizzly) Smit
  • Building GStreamermm with GStreamer 1.0, Dirk Van Haerenborgh
  • PrintOperation Problem, Andres Sanchez Mendivelso

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