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  • New modes for GtkProgressBar, Rhishikesh
  • Re: cross-platformness (was: GTK + Clutter next step(s)), Benjamin Otte
  • Print to file widget bug fix feedback, Timothy Arceri
  • Re: gthread: G_STATIC_MUTEX_INIT: Fix this for the non-win32 case., Murray Cumming
  • experimental gtk+ 3.3.2 win32 build, Pedro Ignacio Guridi
  • dconf 0.11.0, Ryan Lortie
  • Exclude MOD1 from the virtual modifier mapping, Michael Natterer
  • 3 stalled bugs, Kean Johnston
  • missing gdaui entrys functions in distribution, Renato Merli
  • regarding GIO, Daniel Hernandez Bahr
  • Severe treeview performance regression (Gtk2 -> gtk3), Clemens Eisserer
  • GLib 2.31.0, Ryan Lortie
  • Gtk+ win32 fixes, please test, Alexander Larsson
  • gio modules makes the g* stack non-relocatable, Paul Davis
  • Change in GtkTextView sizing behaviour between and Gtk 2.24.6, Peter Clifton
  • GtkComboBox with a tree view, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?S=E9bastien_Granjoux?=
  • Fw: Bug patch feedback, Timothy Arceri
  • GThread struct now hidden, Murray Cumming
  • Win32: this may be useful to some developers, Kean Johnston
  • [PATCH] Add $GTK3_IM_MODULE to gtk3, Takashi Iwai
  • Glade 3.10.2 Released!, Juan Pablo Ugarte
  • GtkNotebook tab layout, Matthew Bucknall
  • Function completion for GVariant maybe types?, Markus Elfring
  • Re: GTK and OSX: a call to sanity, John Ralls
  • A little help with a Win32 GDK problem please, Kean Johnston
  • GTK + Clutter next step(s), Benjamin Otte
  • Re: additional gdk_pixbuf function: gdk_pixbuf_list_options, Cody Russell
  • Glib Atomic Operations, Matthew Bucknall
  • A few small patches, Kean Johnston
  • Re: GTK3 size negotiation, Tony Houghton
  • GSignal emission optimization, Lionel Landwerlin
  • Re: Cleaning up owned dbus names on shutdown with glib, Daniel Drake

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