Re: Gtk+ win32 fixes, please test

On 2011-10-20 11:37, Dieter Verfaillie wrote:
> On Thu, 20 Oct 2011 08:37:35 +0000, Andy Spencer wrote:
> > First off, when using the MS-Windows theme, some widgets don't render
> > correctly and show up as black boxes. For example, notebooks with tab
> > position set to GTK_POS_LEFT don't render.
> >
> >
> To clarify: this happens with the "Windows Classic" theme which doesn't
> use uxtheme.dll for rendering.

I tried it with the normal Windows XP Silver theme and my program won't
run at all using the MS-Windows GTK+ theme. It segfault on startup.. The
testnotebookdnd program that comes with the new 2.24 bundle runs, so
it's possibly a problem with my application. I probably won't have a
chance to do much debugging during the next week or so though..

I did notice however, that using the MS-Windows/Silver theme causes the
testnotebookdnd program to crash when you try to drag the right-most
'beer' tab off onto the desktop.

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