Re: Severe treeview performance regression (Gtk2 -> gtk3)


> The csw code takes a lot of care to try to ensure this. However, the csw
> code exists on Gtk+ 2.x too, so its easy to verify by comparing Gtk3 and
> a csw version of Gtk2.

I wonder why the gtk3 version of the treeview is so much slower....
Scrolling such a basic widget on todays desktop processors shouldn't
cause any troubles (I also developed a Swing JTable and a QT version,
both scroll without any problems).

Profiling with sysprof didn't reveal a single hotspot, its quite a
flat profile with many lukewarm places.
It seems, however, painting is not the problem (both cairo and X11
stuff doesn't show anywhere near top)

Would be great if someone more experienced could have a look at the demo,
probably there are some lower-level issues that cause performance
regressions elsewhere too.

Thanks, Clemens

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