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  • [no subject], Unknown
  • [gnome-cyr] о письме про проблемы с gnumeric-0.71, Vlad Harchev
  • [gnome-cyr] [Bug 6447] Changed - Typing something in calendar view (day,workweek, entire week, month views) begins a new task ONLY if first character was ascii, bugzilla-daemon
  • [gnome-cyr] массовые обновления в Ximian Gnome, Vlad Harchev
  • [gnome-cyr] ximian gnome & свежий gnome-print, Vlad Harchev
  • [gnome-cyr] Evolution: BASE64 forewer?, Sergey V. Udaltsov
  • [gnome-cyr] Russian speel in Evo, Sergey V. Udaltsov
  • [gnome-cyr] gnome-print 0.31, Sergey V. Udaltsov
  • [gnome-cyr] [Bug 58980] Changed - 1.5.5 "_____" instead of non-ascii symbols, bugzilla-daemon
  • [gnome-cyr] [Bug 58785] Changed - Wrong display of Nonascii in bookmarks imported from Mozilla, bugzilla-daemon
  • [gnome-cyr] [Bug 60701] Changed - environment variables should be respected when activating components, bugzilla-daemon
  • [gnome-cyr] [Bug 11966] Changed - non-ascii in translated content type of attachment in message view shown as "___", bugzilla-daemon
  • [gnome-cyr] [Bug 11966] New - non-ascii in translated content type of attachment in message view shown as "___", bugzilla-daemon
  • [gnome-cyr] [Bug 921] Changed - charset override command for MailDisplay, bugzilla-daemon
  • [gnome-cyr] о снапшоте evo от 4 октября, Vlad Harchev
  • [gnome-cyr] [Bug 9520] Changed - Severe problems searhing for non-ascii in message view, bugzilla-daemon
  • [gnome-cyr] [Bug 8474] Changed - need to be able to override charset in attachments too, bugzilla-daemon
  • [gnome-cyr] [Fwd: [Bug 11714] Changed - no multiple namespace support], Sergey V. Udaltsov
  • [gnome-cyr] [Gnome-print] Gnome-print 0.30 is out (fwd), Vlad Harchev
  • [gnome-cyr] [Bug 7154] Changed - base64 vs stupid mailing lists, bugzilla-daemon
  • [gnome-cyr] Re: [Gnome-print] gdf_find_measured_gdk_font: proposed way to fix severe i18n bug (fwd), Vlad Harchev
  • [gnome-cyr] Еще раз про gnumeric и gnome-print, Grigory Bakunov
  • [gnome-cyr] Re: [Evolution-hackers] printing non-latin1 text from Evo is broken (fwd), Vlad Harchev

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