[gnome-cyr] [Bug 60701] Changed - environment variables should be respected when activating components

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Changed by ishaterin bigfoot com 

--- shadow/60701	Tue Sep 18 11:57:31 2001
+++ shadow/60701.tmp.22728	Mon Oct  8 16:26:21 2001
@@ -28,6 +28,40 @@
 even if the component is on remote computer, all environment variables need
 to be exported to it. Or the ones from the list of variables either hardcoded
 into oaf or listed in configuration file (the later is much more preferable!).
  It's very critical bug that violates all locale concepts for bonobo-enabled
 PS: Dan Winship said it's oaf problem, not an Evolution's one.
+------- Additional Comments From iShaterin bigfoot com  2001-10-08 16:26 -------
+This seems very similar to a problem that I'm having with
+gnome-terminal.  If the system locale is set to a different locale
+than the session locale set in gdm, when a gnome-terminal is launched
+without the factory then it gets the system not the session locale.
+Reproduction Path:
+1. Login from gdm with a locale different than the system locale.  For
+example, my system locale is en_US, and the gdm session locale is
+2. Open a gnome-terminal from the gnome menu (verify that it uses the
+factory, i.e. gnome-terminal --use-factory --start-factory-server) 
+3. Check the Language environment variable.  
+   bash# echo $LANG
+   yields : ru_RU.KOI8-R
+4. Set the LANG to another valid language.
+   bash# LANG=en_US.ISO8859-1
+5. Launch another gnome-terminal from the terminal changed in 4.
+   bash# gnome-terminal &
+6. Check the LANG variable in the new terminal.   bash# echo $LANG
+   yields: en_US (the system wide locale).
+It seems that the second gnome-terminal should inherit the locale from
+it's parent.  It seems as though it is not inheriting the LANG
+environment variable from the parent.  For some reason when the
+factory is used (see step 2) the LANG variable in the terminal is set
+correctly otherwise.
+I'm not really well versed in how environment variables are managed in
+gnome. Since this bug seems to address a similar issue so I'm posting
+this here, however if the issues are separate, please let me know and
+I'll be happy to write this up against the gnome-terminal.

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