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  • bonobo-activation (/oafd) bug, Michael Meeks
  • [patch] Improve robustness when reading server info properties, Gustavo Giráldez
  • libbonobo[ui]-1.110.0, Michael Meeks
  • File missing in libbonoboui HEAD POTFILES.in, Christian Rose
  • Bonobo::Unknown - ref counting over CORBA, David Hanney
  • BonoboStream from Moniker, Jens Finke
  • updated IDL ...., Michael Meeks
  • evolution sensitivity race ..., Michael Meeks
  • Newbie to corba., Greg Greenaae
  • ORBit2 binary compatibility breakage, Mark McLoughlin
  • oaf issues & release request ..., Michael Meeks
  • compile problem bonobo-1.0.18, Harry Oosterman
  • Patch: fix DESTDIR install, Frederic Crozat
  • libbonobo[ui]-1.109, Michael Meeks
  • bonobo-1.0.18, Michael Meeks
  • linc-0.1.13, ORBit2-2.3.102, Michael Meeks
  • libbonoboui distcheck patch, Havoc Pennington
  • BonoboActivation locking up?, iain
  • reentrancy in impl_Bonobo_Control_activate(), jacob berkman
  • linc-0.1.12, ORBit2-2.3.101, Michael Meeks
  • patchlet for libbonoboui: missing type macro, Bill Haneman
  • gparam -> pbag patch, jacob berkman
  • small control frame patch, Dave Camp
  • Nautilus 2nd time start., Michael Meeks
  • Re: libbonoboui patch, Maciej Stachowiak
  • BonoboUnknown & G_SIGNAL_TYPE_STATIC_SCOPE, Jens Finke

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