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  • [Evolution-hackers] GConf schema bug in mail/Makefile.am, Joe Marcus Clarke
  • [Evolution-hackers] Proposed Keyboard Navigation for Evolution Mail Reader and Calendar, Yuedong Du
  • [Evolution-hackers] Re: [gnome.org #1629] Apply for check in permissions of evolution, Gilbert Fang
  • [Evolution-hackers] 1.3.92/gnome-pilot, James Ogley
  • [Evolution-hackers] Auto line break while editing Chinese., zhan_cb
  • [Evolution-hackers] build dependency of evolution 1.3.92, Calvin Liu
  • [Evolution-hackers] Seems missing a "TAB" at the beginning of line 928 in shell/Makefile.in, Sean Gao
  • [Evolution-hackers] Re: Problem of building gtkhtml, Calvin Liu
  • [Evolution-hackers] about gnutls, openssl, and mozilla-nss, jack
  • [Evolution-hackers] gtkhtml build error, Calvin Liu
  • [Evolution-hackers] Problem of building gtkhtml, Calvin Liu
  • [Evolution-hackers] Problem with Evo 1.2.2 LOGIN command, William M. Shubert
  • [Evolution-hackers] Dialing from contact list., Andrew Taylor
  • [Evolution-hackers] Applying for check-in permissions of evolution, Gilbert Fang
  • [Evolution-hackers] Outlook / Evolution freebusy integration, Ronald Kuetemeier
  • [Evolution-hackers] A question about Openldap, Sean Gao
  • [Evolution-hackers] calendar, C.J. Collier
  • [Evolution-hackers] GnuBucks Follow-up, C.J. Collier
  • [Evolution-hackers] procmail, C.J. Collier
  • [Evolution-hackers] RH9, Evo v1.2 and v1.3 = no peaceful coexistence, Dax Kelson
  • [Evolution-hackers] Evo Calendar Question, Doug Dockery
  • [Evolution-hackers] Question about extending Evolution, Ronny Bremer
  • [Evolution-hackers] What is the rules for vfolder/unmatched?, Gilbert Fang
  • [Evolution-hackers] Contact vcards, C.J. Collier
  • [Evolution-hackers] need your opinions on adding new commandline URI, Joey Shen
  • [Evolution-hackers] Wombat still going berserk, Ron Smits
  • [Evolution-hackers] Crash while trying to create or reply to e-mail (1.3.3), Randal Cobb
  • [Evolution-hackers] How to automatically check and select the proper protocol?, Sean Gao
  • [Evolution-hackers] Evolution 1.3.3 Preview Release, Ettore Perazzoli
  • [Evolution-hackers] [Fwd: strange ORBit2 bugs ... & IDL distribution], Michael Meeks
  • [Evolution-hackers] SunONE account setting problem, Sean Gao
  • [Evolution-hackers] Scripting Moving of Messages, Patrick Riley
  • [Evolution-hackers] remote calendars in Evolution, JT Moree

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