[Evolution-hackers] Contact vcards

Is there anything that would keep us from adding some fields to vcards? 
Wouldn't it be good if each person could add skills/experience/pay rate
to their vcards?  That way, if you've got a bunch of friends who give
you vcards with their skill set and you're interested in starting a Free
Software project, but you don't have 90 hours in a day, you can search
your contacts folder for people who have the skills you need.

Moreover, these data should not be stored in a flat file accessible
easily only by Evolution.  Take advantage of Gnome-db and make the data
publicly available.  On the local system if not on LDAP.  Duplication of
data == ick.

Specifically, I'd like to integrate my contact list with MrProject.  It
would make me happy if I could DnD contacts from Evo to MrProject rather
than typing in Name, Email, Phone number.

How can I help?


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