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hi all,

JT Moree wrote:

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I only recently saw the multisync project and will start exploring using it. I will need to grab the latest version of Evo and make it work. I am using RH 7.3 and not sure if all dependencies are met.

Anyway, my server side implementation is just as someone mentioned. A web server holds the file and
the client simply downloads a changed file and pushes back up when done.

OFF-LINE mode is a problem I have not tackled yet. Multi-sync may fix that.

The server side of it is also posted at

there writes :

"- Valid user accounts maintained in an htpasswd file located in
/etc/http/auth/calendar.passwd. "

hey, we could use an LDAP server for auth, right?

Secondly, IMAP server are capable of fetching and storing remote files,
when you make it think its a mailbox.
Why we would need another server just for this?

I think if somebody uses at full extent the email protocols and with a
bit of intelligence, you can build interesting backend servers.

i attach this link, and see how
easy is to do that.

Costin Cozan

Web ICal server.

Ron Smits wrote:
| That is a fun idea, but synchronize how? I am working on a java based
| calendar server the primary (first) client I hope will be evolution.
| Any ideas about how you see this synchronizing is welcome. The calendar
| server will have several 'entries' into it (like mail, http, beep)
| Ron
| On Thu, 2003-05-08 at 16:53, Rodrigo Moya wrote:
|>On Thu, 2003-05-01 at 16:59, JT Moree wrote:
|>>Hash: SHA1
|>>I signed up for this list yesterday and have seen no traffic yet...
|>>I went to search the archives but there seems to only be MANUAL searching. Yuck!
|>>To my point.
|>>~ I want to add remote calendar support to evolution. seems easy enough to me. Just pull down a |>>file on New instead of creating a blank one. I have all the details of what I want to do at
|>I like the idea of using the folder-metadata.xml file, or, why not, we
|>could use a X property on the main VCALENDAR object in the calendar.ics
|>to specify where it's from. This would remove the need of an extra file.
|>Then, the local backend could read that property, and synchronize the
|>local file with the remote folder.
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