Re: [Evolution-hackers] How to automatically check and select the proper protocol?

On Wed, 2003-05-07 at 06:23, Sean Gao wrote:
> Hi libsoup hackers,
>      We meet the problem while building and using libsoup with gnutls.
> Currently libsoup uses TLS1 as default protocol, but when we have to
> connect a server which only supports SSL3, we always get handshake
> failure.  Following piece is my e-mail to gnutls guys, it would be
> highly appreciated if you guys could provide us some help on it?


Doesn't OpenSSL do TLS?  For some reason I thought it did.  Either way,
GnuTLS falls back to an earlier protocol if a newer one isn't supported,
so the server is probably being too strict in what it accepts.

Probably the best way to workaround this is to add a bitfield for
supported protocols in libsoup and add some API for setting it and
update the openssl and gnutls backends to use the settings.  There's
similar code in soup-misc.c, look there for a template.


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