Re: [Evolution-hackers] remote calendars in Evolution

On Thu, 2003-05-01 at 16:59, JT Moree wrote:
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> I signed up for this list yesterday and have seen no traffic yet...
> I went to search the archives but there seems to only be MANUAL searching. Yuck!
> To my point.
> ~  I want to add remote calendar support to evolution.  seems easy enough to me.  Just pull down a
> file on New instead of creating a blank one.  I have all the details of what I want to do at
I like the idea of using the folder-metadata.xml file, or, why not, we
could use a X property on the main VCALENDAR object in the calendar.ics
to specify where it's from. This would remove the need of an extra file.

Then, the local backend could read that property, and synchronize the
local file with the remote folder.


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