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  • New Breed of St0ck Trader, Francisco Pennington
  • Whats been going on? I just want to talk to u...degeneracy, C-girl L
  • Re: GNOME 2.11 announcements, Vincent Untz
  • EOG 2.10.2?, Danilo Šegan
  • gconf-editor branched, Fernando Herrera
  • Schedule for 2.11.4, Vincent Untz
  • New ooffr, Bogumil Mcallister
  • Gtk2-Perl 2.10.2, Torsten Schoenfeld
  • We Guuaranteees Bigger Pen-nis xJY, Leroy Reagan
  • You won?t believe these prices on name-brand software! v, Catalina Feliciano
  • Medz 4 you, Valorie Hudson
  • GTK+-2.7.0 snapshot out, Owen Taylor
  • Awesoome, Zola Hitchcock
  • Where is GTK+ 2.7.0 ?, Matthias Clasen
  • Urgent Notification, Paypal Security Center
  • 完全無料でご近所さん探ししませんか?, uu8883po
  • nautilus-media should be removed in further gnome releases, Christian Krause
  • GNOME Productivity release set, Murray Cumming
  • Re: is there any use to keep translating gnome 2.10?, Vincent Untz
  • New theme decision, Murray Cumming
  • evolution-webcal has been branched, Rodney Dawes
  • DBus in G2.12, Ross Burton
  • Breitling Mart, Ofelia
  • Gouranga hey, Neateye
  • gnome-icon-theme has been branched, Rodney Dawes
  • Problems with the new gnome-games, Callum McKenzie
  • GNOME 2.11/2.12 targeting GTK+ 2.8 (ie cairo based), Frederic Crozat
  • Assigned responsibilites, again, Murray Cumming
  • gok string freeze breakage, Martin Willemoes Hansen
  • gnome.org/start/unstable points at 2.9 info, Luis Villa
  • Penis failure causes problems. Amplifico solves them., Joshua Joyce
  • Please send some "tarballs due" mails :-), Vincent Untz
  • ggv has been branched, Gary Ekker
  • Gtk2-Perl 2.11.3, Torsten Schoenfeld
  • libgtop has been branched, Benoît Dejean

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