Re: GNOME 2.11/2.12 targeting GTK+ 2.8 (ie cairo based)

On Wed, June 8, 2005 15:47, Christian Fredrik Kalager Schaller said:
> I guess a fair compromise would be to aim for using gtk 2.8 for 2.12,
> but not using any new functionality in gtk 2.8. That way if it turns out
> 2.8 is not stable enough we can roll back to 2.6 before release. On the
> other side it is stable enough then we ensure its gets widely
> distributed and tested so we can start taking advantage of it for 2.14.

That'd be a choice for the distributors, then. And why would they switch
to 2.8 if 2.6 is enough and more tested?

I'd like to hear what the GTK+ maintainers think about it, what's the
state of GTK+ 2.8. What's worrying me right now is that there hasn't
been any 2.7.x release yet. And so it seems like it's fairly untested.


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