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  • patch for libnautilus-extension.pc.in, Rodrigo Moya
  • emblems and nautilus_file_info_invalidate_extension_info, Sebastien Estienne
  • Dave Camp [PATCH] Minor properties dialog simplifications,, Jaap Haitsma
  • [PATCH] Mozilla Drag/drop URL action by file type, Dave Ahlswede
  • Extended file attributes, Boris de Laage
  • Thumbs in Nautilus, Artur G. Sibagatullin
  • state of nautilus-media, Christian Krause
  • [PATCH] Menu mnemonic clash: "_Empty Trash"/"Clos_e All Folders", Christian Neumair
  • [PATCH] Manage note sidepane by nautilus-clipboard, Christian Neumair
  • Re: Incorrect URI is passed when domain name is entered for smb://in connect to server, dinoop thomas
  • Thumbnail cache maintenance, Pablo Perez Benitez
  • Sorting order for filenames, Ole Laursen
  • Nautilus, other file managers, and default file manager, kareemy
  • [PATCH] Fixup File Operation Error Dialogs, Christian Neumair
  • [PATCH] arrow tooltips [bug #86569], Christian Persch
  • [PATCH] Enable "Close All Windows"/"Open Location" keybindings on desktop, Christian Neumair
  • custom Nautilus needed, .VWV.
  • [PATCH] Only show "Close Parent Windows" if we're not displaying a toplevel URI, Christian Neumair
  • Nautilus 2.10.1 cant see smb:///, Per Ronny Westin
  • tortoisecvs for nautilus?, Billy Pilgrim
  • Application Icons, Chris Spencer
  • Nautilus should ignore the +x bit, Mike Hearn
  • Bug 165530, William Jon McCann
  • problem opening files from SMB share, Wm. Josiah Erikson
  • CD burner burns bad CDs, Steven Pasternak
  • [PATCH] Add "Properties" to background context menu, Christian Neumair
  • How can I add a removable volume link to Desktop by command line?, Rocky Zhang
  • Problems with Connect to Server..., Wm. Josiah Erikson
  • Re: Patch : fix compilation when startup-notification isn't installed, Alexander Larsson
  • Re: remote thumbnailing: authentication issues, Alexander Larsson
  • Re: [PATCH] Make list-view use GTK+ typeahead (was: Re: RFC: On-line Content Filtering of directories), Alexander Larsson
  • Re: Thumbnail cleanup UI patch (bug 150483), Alexander Larsson
  • Re: RFC: On-line Content Filtering of directories, Alexander Larsson
  • "view as music" and "View as album" is missing from my version of Nautilus 2.10.0, Bob Page
  • Re: [PATCH] add location button context menu, Rob North

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