Re: Nautilus 2.10.1 cant see smb:///

ons, 11,.05.2005 kl. 14.38 +0200, skrev Per Ronny Westin:
> Hello
> i upgraded from Gnome 2.6 to Gnome 2.10 - now i CANT see my samba shares
> in Nautilus 2.10.1 ?? I could in 2.6.3 ... whats this .. do this mean
> that a higher version number of Gnome nowadays give you a less
> functioning piece of software !!
> Anyway .. hmm i looked around the net and see that i am not alone on
> this issue but i was not able to see any solution to this smb shares
> problem .. anyone that have a clue?

Just want to add that I'm seeing this too. I could browse SMB networks
just fine with earlier releases and I can't now. I'm not 100% sure the
blame lies only with gnome-vfs/nautilus since we've upgraded to Windows
2003 in recent times.


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