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  • Translator credits and header, =?UTF-8?Q?Jorge_Gonz=C3=A1lez?=
  • review gnome-extras/obsolete module sets, Lucian Adrian Grijincu
  • No link for .po file in gnome-web-photo master, Daniel =?UTF-8?Q?=C8=98erb=C4=83nescu?=
  • String freeze for gLabels 2.3.1, Jim Evins
  • Re: GCompris needs a translation update, Marek =?UTF-8?Q?=C4=8Cernock=C3=BD?=
  • Untranslatable strings in the gLabels manual, Mario =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Bl=E4ttermann?=
  • gsettings-desktop schemas, Mario =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Bl=E4ttermann?=
  • Something wrong with bug-buddy doc?, Jorge =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Gonz=E1lez_Gonz=E1lez?=
  • [gdm] Created branch gnome-2-32, Ray Strode
  • Mallard documentation status page, andrej znidarsic gmail com
  • WebKitGTK+ not listed in any of the modules sets in l10n.gnome.org, Lucian Adrian Grijincu
  • Re: New coordinator for Gnome Romanian Translation Team, Lucian Adrian Grijincu
  • [seahorse] (16 commits) Created branch gnome-2-32, Stefan Walter
  • Broken messages in epiphany, Leonid Kanter
  • String additions to 'seahorse.master', GNOME Status Pages
  • Please add nautilus-sound-converter to the Damn Lies pages, Brian Pepple
  • Re: Let us know about it (Migrated a project to gnome documentation build utilities), =?UTF-8?B?R3VudGVyIEvDtm5pZ3NtYW5u?=
  • RFC: remove line numbers from .po comments, Lucian Adrian Grijincu
  • wrong russian translation for epiphany, Diego Escalante Urrelo
  • Gnac manual not in Damned Lies, =?UTF-8?B?TWFyaW8gQmzDpHR0ZXJtYW5u?=
  • String freeze for gbrainy 1.60, Jordi Mas

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