Re: No link for .po file in gnome-web-photo master

Daniel Șerbănescu schreef op di 28-12-2010 om 00:45 [+0100]:
> Hi, when I try to dowload the .po file from :
> ... I get
> the .POT file ...
> And when I try the pattern like:
> if I replace „sv.po” with „ro.po” at the end it says not found...

It seems to me there is no existing .ro translation yet, so this
behaviour seems correct to me. You should just start with the POT file.

Apart from that, gnome-web-photo seems a dead module, so I don't think
it makes sense to translate it. The last release has been over a year
now and except from some translation updates, the module has not had any
attention since then:

    — Wouter

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