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  • [xml] Experimenting with xmlReader and xmlWriter, Matteo Ghezzi
  • [xml] .net support, tasos null
  • [xml] queer usage of install-sh, Matthias Jung
  • [xml] relative uri, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Fran=E7ois_Delyon?=
  • [xml] namespace problem (solved), Dirk
  • [xml] namespace problems, Dirk
  • [xml] Schema caching, Hotmail
  • [xml] Build failure on Sparc solaris using gcc and binutils, Matthias Jung
  • [xml] libxml - core dump with xmlParseFile on a 50 Mo XML file, BARDET Florian
  • [xml] multiple XPath evaluations on the same document, IRENE SIPIKA
  • [xml] build from source and *-config executable permission, Roumen Petrov
  • [xml] [Re]: html parsing incomplete - bug?, Lydia Patrovic
  • [xml] HTML, XPath and the id() function, Aaron Patterson
  • [xml] =?utf-8?q?How_to_add_newlines_to_output=3F?=, list
  • [xml] html parsing incomplete - bug?, Lydia Patrovic
  • [xml] equivalent to xmlGetNodePath including properties?, Frank Reich
  • [xml] Seg fault during xmlXpathEvalExpression, Garke Thilo
  • [xml] Memory leak in xmlXPathEvalExpression(), Ralf Junker
  • [xml] Possible bug in globals.c, Kai Henning
  • [xml] Avoiding emediate close of elements, Martin Olsen
  • [xml] Release of libxml2-2.7.6, Daniel Veillard
  • [xml] [PATCH] Fix yet another --with-threads bug: using "pipe" instead of "logical OR", Andrew W. Nosenko
  • [xml] how to interpret/reproduce this type of xml?, Bob Sabiston
  • Re: [xml] xmlRemoveProp and xmlUnsetProp not remoning element, Daniel Veillard
  • [xml] htmlentities problem, Stephane Rubino
  • [xml] Listing possible valid attributes, D Haley
  • [xml] nanohttp: No redirects for http://www.domain.com, Ralf Junker
  • Re: [xml] How to continue reading with a xmlTextReader after warning?, Daniel Franke
  • Re: [xml] C1017 error compiling with Visual Studio 2008 - posted patch works, Neil Gierman
  • Re: [xml] Minor patch for conditional defines in threads.c, Eric.Zurcher

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