Re: [xml] how to interpret/reproduce this type of xml?

On 10/07/2009 10:54 AM, Bob Sabiston wrote:
So it's all due to the formatting that I'm having trouble,

My only real problem seems to be knowing how many spaces to insert /
take out? Is there any way to tell? Maybe with this particular node, it
is always the same and I just need to count them.

In case of doubt, neither add nor remove the spaces.

Ultimately it depends on the document type, schema
and application:
 * Whitespace inside of elements that can only accept
other elements (no text or PCDATA) are for formatting
only and can be ignored (stripped and/or added as desired).

 * if the element accepts text or PCDATA, leading
and trailing whitespace may or may not be ignorable.
Some applications even assert that whitespace within
the content gets normalized (eg. multiple whitespace
characters are replaced by a single space).
AFAIK, this isn't encoded in schema or dtd, but
in a higher level specification.


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