Re: [xml] Avoiding emediate close of elements

On Wed, Oct 07, 2009 at 09:24:44AM -0300, Darko Miletic wrote:

Martin Olsen wrote:
On Wednesday 07 October 2009 13:07:41 you wrote:
Use xmlTextWriterStartElement or xmlTextWriterStartElementNS with
Thanks! Unfortunately, I still get the same result.

Here's the smallest code to reproduce:
    writer = xmlNewTextWriterDoc( &doc, 0 );
    xmlTextWriterStartDocument( writer, NULL, "UTF-8", NULL );
    xmlTextWriterStartElement( writer, BAD_CAST "element" );
    xmlTextWriterFullEndElement( writer );
    xmlTextWriterEndDocument( writer );
    xmlSaveFile( "-", doc );

Any other suggestions?

Just add empty space in the tag. That will force the <tag></tag>

 The xmlsave.h API have a XML_SAVE_NO_EMPTY flagwhich will do this but
I don't know how this could be forced at the xmlwriter level.
Note that for an XML parser the two syntax are strictly equivalent
so you're generating XML for a client which doesn't use an XML parser
for handling it (with the exception of Microsoft XMLReader API which
distinguish the two but really should not),


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