Re: [xml] Listing possible valid attributes

On Sat, Oct 03, 2009 at 01:34:02AM -0700, D Haley wrote:

I have been hunting around the API, but I cannot seem to find any way to obtain a list of attributes as 
specified by the DTD for a given type of node.

I am basically building a simple XML writing "helper" app and I would like to show users what their 
attribute options are. Does anyone know how I might do this, or where I should look?

  Hum, right, there is no equivalent to xmlValidGetPotentialChildren()
but for attributes... The solution is:
 - use xmlGetDtdElementDesc/xmlGetDtdQElementDesc to find the DTD
   element description for the element
 - walk the list of struct _xmlElement returned called attributes
   IIRC the list use the ->next link to get to the next attribute
   on that node (nexth is used internally for the attribute hash table
   of the full DTD).


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