Re: [xml] queer usage of install-sh

Daniel Veillard wrote:
On Thu, Oct 22, 2009 at 12:10:29AM +0300, Roumen Petrov wrote:

Also .gitignore list following "automake" files :
- ./config.guess
- ./config.sub
- ./depcomp
but don't include following "automake" files :
- install-sh
- missing
- mkinstalldirs
It seems to me inconsistent.

  Hum, right. I guess it's back from CVS, and old times where
we knew the config.* would change on a regular basis.

You could replace files:
- install-sh
- missing
- mkinstalldirs
with files from automake package (usually located in /usr/share/automake*/ ) either manually or as run command
"automake --force-missing --add-missing --copy --foreign"

  Yup that refreshes them, I commited the 3 updates. Now the question
is :
  - should those files provided by auto* be in git ?
    + in a sense they are part of what makes a release
    + but they are somehow generated as coming from auto*
  - if we pick yes then maybe the 3 others should be added too
  - if we pick no then we should just remove them from git and
    list them in gitignore

I don't know yet what's really the best approach, the status quo was
fine until now but after a decade or so it managed to bite us :-)


The project provide bootstrap script -

If README describe how to build from repository may be you could remove files from git.

The automake option --foreign won't install license file COPYING. Option --copy is clear, so you may update update

Also GNU autotools install files with correct executable permissions.
I know projects that incorrectly keep without those files in repository without executable permission and as result build from checkout source fail.

As are not in repository and users as to run automake to generate them may be is better to remove those files.

I didn't found reported by Matthias issue as for all project build from source I run own bootstrap scripts. The scripts remove following files from source tree: compile, depcomp, install-sh,, ltconfig,, mdate-sh , missing, mkinstalldirs and ylwrap. Next script run GNU autotools commands and finally for some non-automake based project install my automake files mostly mkinstalldirs. Of course above scenario don't work well for all project based on GNU autotools build system.


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