Re: [xml] Build failure on Sparc solaris using gcc and binutils

On Mon, Oct 19, 2009 at 03:19:15PM +0200, Matthias Jung wrote:
Hi all,
on sparc solaris ./ sets VERSION_SCRIPT_FLAGS to "-Wl,-M  
-Wl," no matter which compiler/linker is used.
Unfortunately gnu gcc/ld does not like -M option for symbol files, which  
causes a build using gcc to fail. Instead good old "--version-script="  
is expectd here.

Any idea how an additional check for gnu ld to be added to  
could look like?
Wouldn't it be better to use ld from PATH or any magic variable instead  
of using hard wired /usr/bin/ld?

$(/usr/bin/ld --help 2>&1 | grep -- --version-script >/dev/null) && \
test "`uname`" == "SunOS" && \

 if test -n "$VERSION_SCRIPT_FLAGS"; then

Maybe this is a no-brainer, but I have absoluteley no knowledge about  
configure scripts except of using them ;-)

  I hope someone with a Sun setup can look and propose a configure fix.
I'm sure it's doable, but I don't have this platform around.


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daniel veillard com  | Rpmfind RPM search engine | virtualization library

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