Re: [xml] How to continue reading with a xmlTextReader after warning?

On Thursday 01 October 2009 00:26:17 Daniel Veillard wrote:
  Hum that sounds like an old bug, did you try with 2.7.5, if you can
confirm it's still there I will chase it down,

Author: Rob Richards <rrichards cdatazone org>  2009-04-29 16:09:05
Committer: Rob Richards <rrichards cdatazone org>  2009-04-29 16:09:05
    * parser.c: do not set error code in xmlNsWarn

Already fixed in 2.7.4. Oh my ^^

Btw, for the records, my workaround for older library versions:

-- 8< --
  xmlTextReaderPtr reader;
#if LIBXML_VERSION <= 20703
  xmlDocPtr xmldoc = xmlReadFile(filename, NULL, XML_PARSE_NOWARNING);
  if (!xmldoc)
    return -1;
  reader = xmlReaderWalker(xmldoc);
  reader = xmlNewTextReaderFilename(filename);

  /* use reader */

#if LIBXML_VERSION <= 20703
-- 8< --



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