Re: [xml] html parsing incomplete - bug?

Martin (gzlist) wrote:
On 13/10/2009, Stefan Behnel <stefan_ml behnel de> wrote:
Lydia Patrovic wrote:
Note the "main&amp;20090924_2" attribute value, which can be interpreted
as an
unterminated entity.
:) Nice little Freudian copy&paste quoting error. Here's the line from the
real 'HTML' file:

<script type="text/javascript" src="merge.php?f=main&20090924_2"></script>

Note the unescaped '&' character in the URL.

I'd have thought the embedded null at byte 532 would be the cause. Try
bytes.replace("\x00", "") before treating it as a c string. Seems to
get the document parsed pretty much as expected for me.

Interesting. Sounds totally like the right solution.

I wonder why the parser stops parsing here, though. Is '\0' explicitly
considered an invalid character in (broken) HTML, or is it really just the
usual C EOS slip?


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