Re: [xml] html parsing incomplete - bug?

On 13/10/2009, Stefan Behnel <stefan_ml behnel de> wrote:

I wonder why the parser stops parsing here, though. Is '\0' explicitly
considered an invalid character in (broken) HTML, or is it really just the
usual C EOS slip?

It's certainly invalid, though could be recoverable.

In the various html versions: HTML 4 defers to the SGML spec which I'm
not rich enough to consult, XHTML 1 defers to XML which we all know
says nulls are verboten, and the current HTML 5 draft is pretty clear:


"All U+0000 NULL characters in the input must be replaced by U+FFFD
REPLACEMENT CHARACTERs. Any occurrences of such characters is a parse

(this is all in the context of an decoded-to-unicode stream, not raw
UTF-16 etc.)


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