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  • Question about MAC Address randomization options, Jim Campbell
  • ANN: NetworkManager 1.12.0 released, Thomas Haller
  • resolv.conf is not taking entry of DNS IPV6., Veetil, Vyshnav
  • Prefer specific Ethernet profile, Joel Goguen
  • Connecting open network with nmcli is working even while providing password, Alexis Lothoré
  • [PATCH v4 0/3] platform: add WireGuard support, Javier Arteaga
  • OpenVPN + PKCS#11, Ignat Loskutov
  • NetworkManager and dual-stack IP (IPv4 and IPv6) with Huawei modem E3276 (12d1:1506)., handler
  • [RFC PATCH v3 0/3] platform: add WireGuard support, Javier Arteaga
  • ANN: NetworkManager 1.10.10 and 1.8.8 released, Thomas Haller
  • ANN: NetworkManager 1.11.90 (1.12-rc1) released, Thomas Haller
  • Problems in nmcli.1, esr
  • [RFC PATCH 0/8] Export IWD known networks as Connections, Andrew Zaborowski
  • NetworkManager.log file is not generating in syslog directory in Centos, Veetil, Vyshnav
  • How to ccinfigure the syslog.config in Centos for disable nm-dispatcher logs on the console, Veetil, Vyshnav
  • How to disable nm-dispatcher logs from Centos console., Veetil, Vyshnav
  • Problem making DHCPv6-PD (ipv6.method=shared) work, Vladimir Mosgalin
  • Ethernet usb adapter and Gnome "via cable unmanaged", Davide Marchi
  • nm-online -s errors but nnonline doesn't (and networking is up), Brian J. Murrell
  • Re: howto define which slave provides the mac addr for the bridge, thilo cestonaro ts fujitsu com
  • Re: Writing resolv.conf issues with broken symlink, Thomas Haller

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