Re: Problem making DHCPv6-PD (ipv6.method=shared) work

Hi Thomas Schäfer!

 On 2018.06.07 at 13:01:55 +0200, Thomas Schäfer wrote next:

Hi Vladimir,

you write you have PD enabled and address assigning disabled.

Have you tried to enable both?

It's not quite what I need, but just in case, can you please tell me how
do I do that?

With "mode=auto" it passes "-N" option to dhclient and doesn't pass
"-P". And as you can see in the original mail, I cannot get
"mode=shared" to work at all. It looks like I'm missing some setting in
my configuration to make "mode=shared" operable and I don't understand
what it is.

In my case it has helped, but I don't know, why nm behaves so.

My soho-router allows three levels of dhcpv6:

only dns
dns + prefix (IA_PD)
dns + prefix (IP_PD) + IPv6-address (IA_NA)

Networkmanager ipv6.method=shared works only with the last one.

That's very unfortunate :( My ISP explicitly says that only prefix must
be requested. Prefix+address is wrong mode and won't work.



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